Who We Are

AWKNG exists to provide resources that awaken God’s people to engage the values of the Kingdom. Our main areas of focus are Media, Mental Health, and Academics. From TV shows to books, from classes to retreats, from online courses to albums, all that we produce is to provide tools for God’s people. We know that as people begin to engage these values, God’s Kingdom will advance like never before! Through our programs and resources, we love to work with individuals and church pastors, staff, or congregations. In all things we do, we want to be a resource to you!

Our Divisions

Purpose – We believe that the Kingdom taking its place in media is an essential strategy to proclaiming the Gospel in our time.

Vision – We will create compelling, excellent, and entertaining television that invites people to live out the values of God’s Kingdom.

Mission - Stepping into the captivating stories of the Kingdom and its people.

Purpose – We believe God’s Kingdom has a sound that everyone needs to hear.

Vision – We will create music that awakens people to the one true King.

Mission – A Family of artists making a Kingdom sound.

Purpose – We believe timely Kingdom declarations need to be written down, decreed, and distributed to advance the Kingdom.

Vision – We will publish revelatory truths that reform the way people live out God’s Kingdom.

Mission - Giving a voice to the Kingdom messages of our day.

Purpose – We believe key conversations need to be had to arm people with Kingdom truths for living in today’s world.  

Vision – We will broadcast messages that will transform the way people think and inspire them to live a life that aligns with God’s Kingdom. 

Mission - Sharing transformative talk for today’s world.  

Purpose - We believe all people were designed by God to live a vibrant life of wholeness.

Vision – We will provide a safe place for people to learn to walk in wholeness, be restored, refreshed, and revived by the transformative power of God.

Mission - Awakening people to God’s original intent of wholeness for their lives.

Purpose – We believe that every Christian needs to think well about the Scriptures, understanding the Bible as a whole story in its original context and supernatural worldview.  

Vision – We will open people’s eyes to the unseen realm of the supernatural in the Scriptures, so they read the Bible again for the first time. 

Mission - Teaching people to think well about Scripture and embrace a supernatural worldview.

Purpose – We believe in a biblical framework for ministry that will thrive in any season God’s people may encounter.

Vision – We will bring God’s Kingdom into every home and community by developing disciples of Jesus who shepherd his people.

Mission - Activating God’s family as the priesthood in every home and community.


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