Awakening People to a Deeper Understanding of the Bible.

IN 2024

Ready to rediscover Scripture away from traditional devotionals?

Curious about Scripture's original context for deeper understanding?

Desiring a Christ-centered community to discuss the Bible with others?

At AWKNG we make Biblical understanding accessible to all, with no exceptions. We understand that not every Christian has the means or desire to attend seminary, so we are bridging the gap between the everyday Christian and deep Biblical understanding.

Why We Exist:

Understanding the Bible can be hard and confusing, but it’s crucial to our effectiveness of trying to carry out the great commission. Because of that, we make Biblical understanding accessible to the everyday Christian through free Bible reading plans, Bible guides that provide cultural and supernatural context, online community discussion groups, and doctoral level taught on demand courses.

Support AWKNG | When you donate to AWKNG, your support is providing:

Free monthly Bible study resources to people all over the world.
Over 200 scholarships per year into School of Theology courses.
Scholarships to pastors and missionaries that otherwise would not have access to a Biblical education.

Translation of Biblical resources into other languages.

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