Get Involved

We desire to continue to provide resources that awaken God’s people to engage the values of the Kingdom while also having the ability to scholarship or give away items for free to those that may be in need. This is where you can come in!

If You Have A Heart For:


Seeing God’s Kingdom take its place in media and using media as an essential strategy to proclaim the Gospel in our time.


Creating music that awakens people to the one true King.


Publishing timely, revelatory truths that reform the way people live out God’s Kingdom.


Broadcasting messages that will transform the way people think and inspire them to live a life that aligns with God’s Kingdom.


Providing a safe place for people to learn to walk in wholeness, be restored, refreshed, and revived by the transformative power of God.


Teaching people to think well about Scripture and embrace a supernatural worldview, so they read the Bible again for the very first time.


Activating God’s family as the priesthood in every home and community by developing disciples of Jesus who shepherd his people.

Then AWKNG is for you… and we’d love to have you be a part!


Please be in prayer for us as we develop resources to awaken God’s people to engage in Kingdom values. We want to see God’s Kingdom advance like never before, and your prayers are needed!


Check out all of our ministry websites to purchase one of our resources or participate in our classes or programs. We’d love to have you be a part and believe that as you do, you will be equipped to partner with God in the advancement of his Kingdom like never before!


If you’ve enjoyed our resources, or perhaps you have a heart for media, mental health, or academics, please check out our 2021 fundraising initiatives. We’d love to have you partner with us financially to create more resources and provide some of these resources for free to people who need them.